The Angel has an odd sequence of numbers, but with this sequence comes truthfulness and originality.

The number 0 is said to mean support, new beginnings, continuity, and teamwork.

Within the number 420 we not only have the sequence itself, but the number 42 and 20. The number 42 is also written about in a popular book called ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ as the number that is the answer to the ultimate question.

Understanding the meaning behind numbers and their sequences allows for us on Earth to receive the messages our Angels are attempting to give us.

With the understanding and awareness of this code, we are then able to tap into the purpose the Universe has outlined for us.

Number 420 may lead you to a message by encouraging you to check the clock at , on April 20, or you receive $4.20 in change at the store of as address at 420 Main Street.

When receiving a message from your Angel, be sure to be open minded enough to receive it!Those who are being shown numbers throughout the day from their Angels may view the sequences at stores, banks, on phones, or in addresses. The number sequences are being shown to you through your Angel guiding you to check the clock, your receipt, or address often.Seeing a particular number sequence often brings you to the codes the Universe is trying to send.With the guidance and support of our Guardian Angels, we are then able to follow the paths of our Divine purpose and live the life the Universe intends.With guiding and leading us to a faithful life, Angels are also tasked with supporting us.Remaining faithful to the Angels and spirits allows you to sense their presence and be comforted in times of need.