I've been Dating a married Albanian man for 6 months already and NOT proud of it. Been searching for the right man for sooo long and never found it . This man likes u and is attracted to u for sure, he would not be contacting u like he is if he didn't but he is not leaving his family for u and even if he does it would not be anytime soon and while you are wasting your time on this weak man so many opportunities u have to meet someone who will be there for u and love u is passing u by.

Im 31yrs old, I would say really good looking and sexy woman . I would never believe that I would date someone married. I was sure that when she delivers the baby, we will be done. He went away to his home land for two months with all his family , HE is still calling me and texting me every other day,the longest 3-4 days . Honey I am not judging u because i've been in pretty much the same situation so understand what I tell you is from the heart.

After some sleepless nights and asking myself what is the outcome going to be for me and what happens if one day he wakes up and say i don't want to see you no more and goes back to his family. Was engaged to an albanian for 2 years and i left him.

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sometimes or most times you never end up with the one you love. you are someones child, sister, don't do this to yourself and your family.

He did you a favor because this is a great way to part ways and just look at his wife situation, shes with a man who wants to be with another woman.

I've told him no it's not fair on me or your wife but he says he still wants to see me .

He was the first man I been with so I find it hard to let to go and he knows that please help run.

You have to make a decision ASAP keep him or leave him.. you never thought about that child growing in that belly. If you think he will leave his wife and family for you this will never happen! Some English men who were from a very old generation had similar traits to the younger Albanian men.

Whats important is what is the right thing for both of you and most importantly whats your conscience telling you.. you start your conversation with a good looking and sexy. you never stopped to think about that wife carrying that baby, washing his stinky clothes that you slobbered over, cooking for him, cleaning, taking care of his family all the while you felt high and mighty making him swarm for you. Trust me when I tell you they don't treat their woman well. The majority do like to spend alot of time with other men, and will naturally gather where others go.

I have also had Albanian guys say to me that if your partner let's you go out etc he doesn't care for you, lol, yeah, cause it means so much if they cut you off from everything and control you!

My ex was also Albanian, he ruined my life for five years, and was so jealous and controlling, and at the end of it he started being laid back, I knew something was up, and was right when I suspected he was sleeping around, then got with some silly woman who was stupid enough to help him with his immigration problems, and still wanted to keep me in his life, I got rid!

Hey beautiful women, why and how you guys get yourselves involved in such situations. I am sharing, I am a widower as my wife passed away from cancer when she was 37 years. My point is, here we are ready to love beautiful women like you, give you the love you are so seeking as well as receive the love you so want to give. Yh that's true I was seeing an Albanian man 4years ago he claimed to be single but he told me 2 years ago he got married to an Albanian girl.

That broke me I loved him but he still wants to meet up.

you knew he was married and you state she was 8 months pregnant and thought it would end when the baby was born. anyone can counter and say all the bad things about him and rightfully so but you are just as guilty. This can all depend on the individual and where they live, their lifestyle, and how many people they know .