It was an exquisiteness that made you want to turn and run, instead of approach. His jewels flicker between passion and defiance-an evocative and intimidating combination. I'll show you the wonders of Wonderland, and when you're drunk on the beauty and chaos that your heart so yearns to know, I will take you under my wings and make you forget the human realm ever existed. Daemon was sprawled on his back, one arm stretched across the space beside him and the other rested across his bare stomach. His face was almost angelic in sleep, chiselled lines softened and lips relaxed. He looked so much younger at rest but, in a weird way, he was even more out of my league.Fair warning, I intend to make good use of that time. His kind of masculine beauty was otherworldly and intimidating."Mara, none of the mothers talk to me, I smile and act friendly, but they just stare at me, and I feel ignored." When she asked how I dealt with people staring at me, I quickly told her they are only staring at me because they are wondering how someone could possibly wear some of my outfits in public. "Women are intimidated by your beauty." I don't want to believe it, but women measure themselves against other women's attractiveness.

beautiful people intimidating-40

Something that existed in between the pages of the books I read.

Sometimes I had a hard time convincing myself he was real.

This was a cattle call, and the "cattle" were gorgeous women.

Having just given birth three months prior, I certainly wasn't feeling like my most attractive self.

Sonia is the kind of woman who is so beautiful (like a model), people stop in their tracks when they see her.

I am not a lesbian, but as a woman, I can appreciate a stunning woman. We met for coffee and I asked her about the adjustment.

I met her when I asked to take her picture for my website, Haute Drop-Off.

She's beautiful in that symmetrical way in which some scientists claim attracts the human eye.

I didn't even attempt any conversation or witty banter with the bevy of people waiting.

This was so not like me, and the only reason I was acting this way was because I was feeling straight-up ugly.

After that situation, I decided that I really should be ashamed of myself.