» Read more Joyce and I kept our new sexual relationship a secret from our other friends, mostly because we were just friends and it was kind of fun to keep it to ourselves. So one day Joyce and Millie came over to my house to swim and hang out. » Read more I work nights for a large retail chain (Hint: its logo consists of concentric red and white circles.) I've always known the Health & Beauty department sold condoms and lubricants, but last night I discovered something you might appreciate.

Trojan makes an inexpensive vibrating cockring that you don't have to go to an ...

I didn't mind very much since he was a very cute little guy and he had formed a real attachment to me, anyway. » Read more Okay so I went on a vacation to another state with one of my friends and her family the summer I turned 15.

I have always been very horny and masturbating was a normal thing for me to do everyday. We both had our own bed but I knew I wasn't going to be able to do anything because the sheets on...

At the sight of a girl lost her mind even I, not that dog.

I had to take the new puppy outside so that he didn't pee in the house.

But just feeling so sad, crying and getting upset, its so weird.

But I know it does happen, I've noticed it alot recently, I'm soo high for awhile and then I go so low after it, whats wrong with me?

Continue stimulating until you are at the very edge of orgasm.

Get as close as you possibly can to orgasm and right before you’re ab...

I was in the boiler room for twenty five minutes and worked up a good sweat.

I went into the boys locker room and turned on the shower. » Read more With this technique I do not stroke my parts. My girlfriend, Therese, and I had gone to different colleges outside our home state. We each worked summer jobs and after work would spend our time together exploring ourselves sexually.

Sometimes will wear my girlfriend's panties or put on stockings or pantyhose.