Developments in the field of cancer treatment make it easier to lead a normal life post the treatment and improvements in the IVF procedures might also help a woman enjoy the bliss of motherhood.

Read to know if oral contraceptives can lead to cervical cancer.

It can happen but to be honest I think it not all that common.

There have been a lot of talks, studies and discussions on how cancer treatments change the quality of life of survivors.

For women survivors, questions of fertility, conception and pregnancy weigh in heavily post the treatments, especially if one is affected by any kind of cancer that is related to the reproductive organs or the genitals.

We found out the sex - there was no mistaking it really - I knew before the sonographer told us - I could see his winky when they were measuring his legs x Hiya when i was pregnant had such a fun time trying to work out the gender my baby kept mooning at us we only see the back.

But eventually i was told a girl even though i was told i girl i bought mostley unisex sex clothes and only a handful of girly things. Completely delighted but I was so convinced it was another boy I'm finding it hard to believe!!

i would look into how much a sexing scan would be.prices are different whereever you go!

and if its going to make you feel more confident and be able to enjoy shopping for girls things then i would go for it!

When my baby was born it was a girl they were right and thats when i started stuffing my flat with girly things. I want to book another scan but OH keeps telling me not to be silly!! Was told boy for my first 2 and they were right I have been told girl twice now for this one..

Because it's Been said to be a girl at 2 different scans from different sonographers I'm takgn the at there word..

Although the desire for sexual intimacy was equal all the women, patients who went for radiation had significantly more sexual dysfunction with 85 percent of women reporting no interest in sex, 55 percent having dyspareunia, and 50 percent having vaginal shortening.