By Sunday, the rain has returned, boosting numbers in the Babbling Tongues tent. ” Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods grins when the interviewer tries to compliment him for drawing such a big crowd.

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The band end with favourites from the their third album, , released ten years ago next year.

While British Sea Power seem made to play on this soil, Future Islands look like they landed here from space.

Many people stay rooted to the spot for Oh Sees, the project of San Francisco native John Dwyer and a revolving cast of musicians.

On the band’s 18th album, Dwyer has enlisted two drummers, who pound perfectly in time for the whole set.

The ladies of the songs lie in pools of blood in their manor houses, or chat to death in their final hours.

Meanwhile Collins, now 82, is covered in glitter and grinning as a Morris dancer leaps and bows before her.They have already begun in the Far Out tent when Conor Oberst starts on the Mountain Stage, wearing sunglasses and singing about beaches “to try and warm you all up”.Plenty of people brave it for a bit but the masses descend on Field Music when it really starts to tip it down.The 25-year-old New Zealander is at the start of a 34-date European tour that will see her rise up the bill at festivals to come.That evening, British Sea Power do their best to blend in with the astonishing scenery in the fading light. Bears emerge from the leaves, waving at tiny children dressed as polar bears on shoulders in the crowd.Collins is followed by Lambchop, the project of Nashville-based Kurt Wagner.