With God’s help, we will see a day when “justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” (Amos ).

Laurie Griffith Assistant Stated Clerk Associate Director for Constitutional Interpretation Office of the General Assembly Front and center in the last few weeks swirling seemingly everywhere have been stories of abuse primarily perpetrated by men in power against women.

The whole atmosphere over the two days was excellent being very friendly but still maintaining a business like attitude.

First of all thanks a lot for asking me to Chair and also doing session on Authentic Leadership.

I really enjoyed both days and I am very impressed with the whole event.

That these stories exist is not news to most women but that these stories are beginning to be shared in public and have potential consequences for the perpetrators is news. Historically, stories involving abuse are not acknowledged publicly but rather are accompanied by additional threats and repercussions towards the individuals who broke the silence.

For all people who have experienced abuse in any form, stories told out loud provide both a means of healing in that there is tangible hope that the abuse will not occur in the future and that the community will work to protect others from further harm as well as the potential for additional trauma in the vivid reminder of the personal pain and ongoing struggles that often are the result of abuse.

I want to thank everyone for two wonderful days of my life.

I have attended events like this on and off for 18 years and I can honestly say I cannot recall a better run forum. I will be in touch regarding future working with you The Health Strategy Forum was a great opportunity for us to raise CGI’s profile in our healthcare services.Download (Adopted by the 219th General Assembly [2010], updated October 2013). It is never permissible or acceptable for a church member, officer, employee, or volunteer to engage in sexual misconduct.Download (Approved by the 216th General Assembly [2004]).It is often difficult to get in front of decision makers and major influencers during our normal working day.It was therefore highly rewarding to have the opportunity to have a 2 day forum where we were amongst so many key decision makers.While Scripture, the provide guidance, it is sometimes unclear how to make the connections between their general guidance and the particular ethical dilemmas that confront persons in the conduct of life and ministry. that all church members, church officers, non­-member employees, and volunteers of congregations, governing bodies, and entities of the church are to maintain the integrity of the ministerial, employment, and professional relationship at all times.