Pelsoftlabs may be having thousands of Aircel SIMs procured on fake identity.

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Answering yes to these questions doesn't necessarily mean the person you're seeing is a perfect match for you.

So if you find yourself where I was, you might consider asking: I know this sounds shallow, but if you don't laugh together, something is wrong.

By the grace of God I eventually met my wife Becky, a girl totally unlike what I had imagined for myself and infinitely better than I could have hoped for.

Well, because I had to go on so many dates (though not this many), I tried to get better at evaluating relationships quickly.

Read More Several years ago, I decided to set a new dating policy.

The policy was not for the faint of heart, I learned.

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100 such companies delivered 7 thousand billion messages, with no vendor registration.

The object is to give direction to decades long blind fight which failed to yield any results. Ab Russia, China, Kapil Sibal - kissee ki email nahin aa rahee.