This arcade device will emit a “womanly scent” when players approach any of the ladies and it has a misting function to make players feel as if they were on the beach.

You can also change the girls’ swimsuits as well ogle them with “appreciation time periods” to attain high scores.

Each character can only purchase swimwear related to her "theme", and part of the game mechanic involves gradually winning the friendship of any character that you wish to give swimwear to, in order to complete their collection.

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Notably, the English voice portraying Zack during the opening and ending cutscenes is NBA star Dennis Rodman.

There is no final goal to achieve in DOAXBV, it has simulation mechanics related to volleyball, dating/friendship, casinos, and collectible fashion.

Activities like shopping or casino minigames do not advance the clock.

Each female character starts and finishes their vacation in one session, there is no way to jump between characters.

In other casino games, rarely do you see your results of your previous night’s winnings. If you follow the lore of the Dead or Alive Universe, it can be pretty gritty at sometimes. Well that “break” is the Dead or Alive Xtreme games. While you don’t see half of the cast, you get to see the female cast lay about and enjoy life for once. Who knew that playing volleyball and butt-bumping mini-games at the pool would actually make the Baha Men tolerable? When I decided to venture off and look for my potential volleyball partner (I ended up choosing Kasumi) I had to do research and look for clues on how to butter up to her and make her my volleyball partner.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of proud that I could use my roulette skills to buy Kasumi that bikini made entirely of the Shane Company’s backstock jewelry inventory instead of see my money reset to zero whenever I restart the game. It’s full of revenge, heartbreak, betrayal, and lots of drama and tension between multiple figures in that universe. You also get to see the only male protagonist on the island (Zack) and more of his humorous antics and his over-the-top wardrobe that would make Stevie Wonder say “that’s a bit too colorful, man.” 5. I’m not a fan of the music that the Dead or Alive Xtreme series brings to us outside of the game (like I won’t put it on my i Pod when I go out to the gym) but inside the game, it’s good. I had to find out that she loved sweets, her color of choice is pink, and that she likes things that are affiliated with Japanese culture.

Aside from "subtle" depictions during the opening cutscene, any images showing the DOA characters fully nude during gameplay are assured to be faked.

So recently I was contracted with the flu and during my time confined to my room like Leonardo Di Caprio’s character in “The Man in the Iron Mask”, I needed something to distract me while I was suffering through this illness.

So I wanted to play something that didn’t require me to get another blister on my fingers or give me a headache on top of this flu. I’m a late twenties going on thirties Asian redneck/nerd/otaku that lives in the room above his parent’s garage and have little to no social life outside of those walls. And besides, I got this at a flea market for a haggled price of five bucks. Anyway, I decided to play this installment in the Dead or Alive’s Xtreme series.

So I decided to give some love to some console gaming. But while I play this, I know about it’s sorta messy background and the luggage that comes with the game.

) you’d only pick up a volleyball game whenever you ran out of options for sports games to rent. Thankfully the money you earned from winning the day’s volleyball matches are pretty generous enough for you to enjoy a variety of DOA-themed casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Slots. It has a Complicated Sim-Dating-esque Partner System.