Bark ‘N’ Borrow will then verify you with its own screening process.Once approved, it’s just a matter of searching the community and finding matches.You don’t want to meet one at a bar, that never works out.

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These dogs are the most demanded by thousands of borrowers in that area.

Remember, you can use Bark ‘N’ Borrow even after Valentine’s Day has come and gone.

3.) Yard logos – mow logos or funny designs into lawns or fields 4.) Dog dating – start a dog dating service where you take two dogs out together 5.) Lemonade stands – don’t sell lemonade, sell the lemonade stands!

6.) Terrible art – actually paint and sell your own terrible framed art 7.) Bloopers – create funny family videos using homemade bloopers 8.) Ugly bikes – using mismatched bike parts, build cheap ugly bicycles 9.) Statue – act like a statue on a busy street with a money jar nearby 10.) Snow cones – sell wacky flavored and named snow cones Be sure and bookmark this page as I will be adding more ideas and will keep it updated as I find more creative services.

It’s another way of finding a dog sitter, but it can also connect dog owners with other dog owners for playdates.

All you need to do is create a profile about yourself, which will include whether you own a dog or what services you can offer.

They match couples up based on personalities and personal qualities that will mesh well together.

So, in this Jumbo Size Funny Birthday Card, cartoonist Tim Whyatt delivers a laugh with his humorous take on doggie dating.

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