It comes as health officials have warned a flu jab that has already been dished out to thousands of patients is ineffective against a prominent strain.

The rocketing number of flu cases has been put down to a surge in two aggressive subtypes attacking the population simultaneously.

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Flu is also 'actively circulating' in Ireland, with less than ten people having lost their lives to the killer virus so far in this winter's outbreak.

Health officials have admitted a flu jab that has already been dished out to thousands may be targeting the wrong strain of the virus.

One includes the so-called 'Aussie flu', a strain of influenza A which wreaked havoc on hospitals in Australia during the country's winter.

The H3N2 subtype triggered two and a half times the normal number of cases in Australia.

The 29-year-old millionaire sportsman wrote on the social media site: 'Well that was a wild New Year's Eve.

'Half the family hit with the Australian flu virus and some even left in hospital with it.

UFC fighter Conor Mc Gregor has been struck down by deadly 'Aussie flu', which could be the worst bout Britain has seen in 50 years.

He shared a candid Instagram snap of him relaxing in bed with his baby boy Conor Jr, revealing he and 'half his family' had contracted the virus.

Bosses have blamed an increase in cases of flu on the unprecedented decision to cancel 55,000 operations to cope with the crisis.

The latest figures state 48 people have lost their lives to the bug already this winter, compared to the 23 deaths recorded last week.

Latest figures show 2,331 people have been infected with norovirus since July.