Then around the same amount on food, and live in central Bangkok walking distance to most nightlife, so not much need for taxis and public transportation (they’re cheap too though).

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A car flashing its headlights doesn’t mean ‘I’ll let you go’ as it does in civilised countries, in Thailand it means ‘get the f*** out of the way I’m going’. Ask for separate bills (‘yaek bin’) if you’re in a big group of mates in a Gogo bar and you’re all getting girls to give you lap dances and buy you lady drinks.

Sometimes they’ll see you as an easy target to pad the bill with extra drinks you didn’t order. Thermae is a basement bar underneath the Ruamchitt hotel, freelancers go there and stand in a line either side of the room waiting to be picked. A taxi meter should hit 55 baht at a distance of 5km (the meter starts at 35 baht).

This Thailand travel advice from the UK Govt is a good read too. ATM skimming is very common in Thailand, where possible use an ATM inside a building, avoid ones in tourist areas, set daily spending limits on your card, set up text message alerts whenever your card is used (for Thai bank cards), etc. In Thailand the money comes out of the ATM before your card (unlike the US, UK, Philippines, etc.) a lot of people forget their card in the machine. Be careful of ladyboys pickpocketing you when they pretend to bump into you. Download eatigo app or use their website, you can get 10 – 50% off fancy restaurants, five star hotel buffets, etc.

every day, really easy to use and saves a lot of money on Thaifriendly dates 55.

Factoring in visa runs every 2-3 months (flights, hotels, expensive Manila barfines), I average maybe $2-$3k/month. Phuket, Pattaya and the Samui archipelago of islands (Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan) are less safe areas to live in long term relative to Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Personally I’d only holiday in those areas for short trips.

Our busyness repeatedly invites its presence into our marriage.

Like a terminal virus, isolation invades your marriage silently, slowly, and painlessly at first.

There’s no barfine, no lady drinks, and guy’s drinks are way cheaper than Gogo bars. Above are the rough rates for how much a metered taxi should cost based on the distance.

You just walk in, find a girl you like and leave immediately, for around 2500 baht short time. If you notice it going up way faster than this, you’re getting scammed.

People have been jailed for insulting the King’s dog in a Facebook post.