In general, Microsoft Excel can display formulas instead of calculated values for the following reasons: group, and set the cell's formatting to General, and while in the cell, press F2 and ENTER. And it is exactly what we are going to discuss in the next article. You type a formula in a cell, then you press ENTER. To fix this error and get back the values (or results) just press CTRL ` again. So instead lets roll up our sleeves and find out the reason for this mishap.

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At first sight, this seems to be a longer way, but you may find it useful when you want to display formulas in a number of Excel sheets, within the currently open workbooks.

In this case, you just select the sheet name from the dropdown list and check the Note.

If you are working on a spreadsheet with a lot of formulas in it, it may become challenging to comprehend how all those formulas relate to each other.

Showing formulas in Excel instead of their results can help you track the data used in each calculation and quickly check your formulas for errors.

Here are the steps to unhide formulas and remove the worksheet protection.

If you want to print formulas in your Excel spreadsheet instead of printing the calculated results of those formulas, just use any of the 3 methods to show formulas in cells, and then print the worksheet as you normally print your Excel files (). Did it ever happen to you that you type a formula in a cell, press the Enter key…Microsoft Excel provides a really simple and quick way to show formulas in cells, and in a moment, you will make sure of this.Usually, when you enter a formula in a cell and press the Enter key, Excel immediately displays the calculated result.Whichever of the above methods you use, Microsoft Excel will show all formulas of the current worksheet.To display formulas in other sheets and workbooks, you will need to repeat the process for each sheet individually.and Excel still shows the formula instead of the result?