This is what the MLBPA knew it was designed to be: a disincentive for spending, especially by the wealthiest teams, for the purpose of enhancing competitive balance....“The Cubs’ and Astros’ successes have encouraged other teams to engage in what the MLBPA says is a ‘race to the bottom.’ Actually, teams that are tearing down old and mediocre rosters are accepting a plunge to produce momentum for a surge to the top.What fans most dislike, and what constitutes baseball malpractice, is consistent mediocrity – teams not talented enough to play in October but not bad enough to receive the right to draft the best young talent....“Baseball, like the American economy generally in this era of high-quantity, high-velocity information, is more efficient at pricing assets and allocating resources than it was until recently.

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Back to Cleveland, we’ll mark a particular day, Wednesday, when the 30-22 Cavs faced off at home against the Timberwolves and I happened to catch the end, including overtime, Cleveland emerging the 140-138 victor, as Le Bron was beyond spectacular down the stretch, on both ends of the court.

James had blocked Jimmy Butler’s potential game-winner with 1.3 left in regulation, and then he won the game in OT on a buzzer-beating jumper over Butler’s outstretched hand; King James finishing with 37 points (16 of 22 shooting), along with 10 rebounds and 15 assists.“Even if, inexplicably, you occasionally think about things other than Major League Baseball, consider this: Why are many premier free agents, particularly sluggers and starting pitchers, unsigned even while we are hearing the loveliest four words, ‘pitchers and catchers report’?

Gerard’s 87.16-point run, punctuated by a spinning, flipping jump through the mountain chill, launched him into first place and ultimately earned him the United States’ first medal of the Games, a gold that would cause those rowdy Gerards to let the party rage all night.

Garoppolo, traded by New England, much to Pats coach Bill Belichick’s extreme dismay, took over a 1-10 team that was looking for the first pick in the upcoming draft and guided them to a 5-0 record the rest of the way, making his career mark as a starter 7-0.--Tony Dungy is furious with how Pats offensive coordinator Josh Mc Daniels screwed the Colts.

This intensified dynamic has winners and losers, but many more of the former than the latter.

And to oppose this churning, in the national pastime or the nation itself, is to oppose the application of informed intelligence.”Well, with the MLBPA all up in arms over the free agents that haven’t been signed, amid whispers of collusion, the Cubs on Saturday reached a six-year, 6 million deal with pitcher Yu Darvish, which, with escalators, could be even higher.

Duke in the top 4 all year, then loses inexplicably to St.

Today, Wake Forest lost again, at Syracuse, 78-70, the Deacs now 9-16, 2-11..a freakin’ disaster.

in 1959 for Gino Cimoli after a down year and proceeded to help lead L. His blasts became known as “Moon shots,” the most dramatic being a towering ninth-inning blast to left field in a 2-2 game against the Giants in 1959, a walk-off homer that helped carry the team to the World Series, where they knocked off the White Sox.

Moon grew up poor in Bay, Arkansas, and his father dropped out of school in the eighth grade, which he always regretted, so he made sure Moon went to college and Wally ended up at Texas A&M.

This will not last – baseball strategy, like everything else in life, constantly evolves – but for now more batters are elevating their swings’ trajectories.