I notice that fragrances that get the "love" vote on Fragrantica are often atomic bombs of perfumes, some of us are just have more delicate sensibilities ;) My very good friend says that Elle and Cinema are both perfumes for bigger size women.

She says you have to have the height and the weight to be able to pull these off.

It was as if the fragrance had "caramelized" in the heat; the notes had melted together gorgeously. I know alot of the reviews say it is best in winter, but on me, it smells much better in the high temperatures. I wish they didn't discontinued it Beautiful, but so fleeting.

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The top note is delicate and softly fresh (clementine, almond blossom and cyclamen). The drydown is warm, opulent, and balsamic with amber, musk and sweet powdery vanilla. i don't get why all the high fashion houses insist on killing their perfumes with reformulation?! gotta hand it to new perfumers who r making niche perfumes that worth every penny! I blind bought this fragrance because of the glowing reviews.

RIP Cinema :( Armani Sensi is discontinued on the market. It is pleasant but in my opinion not worth the hype.

I was looking for something similar and found that Cinema came the closest. It is too much for me to be worn over longer period. Cinema smells like a well crafted celebrity fragrance.

Nevertheless, there is something else in it, that turned out to be a showstopper for me. Perhaps the incense is what turns out to bother me. I had to give away my bottle and saw the person receiving this gift enjoying it. It opens up very strong and almost overwhelming but then disappears very quickly. A rare fragrance for women that's playful but serious.

I like the combination of white florals and vanilla but I will stick with Classique EDT and Organza which to me are more memorable and long lasting. A beautiful, aristocratic smell, turned into a chemical mess which lasts 1 hour and then is GONE. I The thing that set this apart for me when it came out was the almond note.

The first edition is a treasure, is a liqueur, almost an essence. Nowadays (or what is still on the markets because it was discontinued this year) is a pale clone of the real Star it was before. And welcome all the craps YSL is producing nowadays. 10/10 I have an irrational fear the sometime VERY soon we will lose Cinema. The almond, vanilla, and amber were very smooth and sensual without being too sweet. Penelope Cruz wore this when she played Raimunda in Volver, and it suits the character perfectly.No, it is not a daytime perfume, it is a very big "hommage" perfume, not only for glamorous girls but also for girls who admire glamorous girls. It opens up mildly citrusy and with a soft bouquet of flowers, vanilla almonds and amber soon follows. Why oh why didn't I buy a bottle when it was readily available? However...in minutes the scent has almost vanished !!!There is a very urban and trench-coat feel to it, very old times feel to it, buy it and wear it now, in September, October and November- when the new releases hit the movie theaters (nobody goes to cinema during summer in my country). Since I have never smelled this before, I don't know what is missing. Does remind me of the long-gone Trouble..lighter..??? I was expecting a soft, citrusy, slightly gourmand vanilla-like maybe a 2000s version of Dior Poison Girl?Just be warned, if you're looking for a soft vanilla-floral, this is NOT it. Warm, sweet and comfortable yellow flowers and vanilla scent with a touch of almond blossom. But I'm looking for reviews from people who have tried it!When I joined Fragrantica years ago this perfume was lauded on all over the forums. The opening sucks you in with the sour tang of a juicy citric fruit in the same way that Versace Bright Crystal does (is that the peony/citrus combo? The opening note stays for an impressively long time but the transition to base is kind of awkward. Cinema is a very special scent, the top notes kind of sparkle (the pop of paparazzi flash bulbs) delicious clementine orange and almond followed by musky vanilla and jasmine (the long sensual walk down the red carpet) which leads to the delicious amber benzoin base (exclusive after party) the silage is great, I am enveloped an a soft vanilla amber cloud... Update after wearing: After I've worn this a while and it reaches it's dry down, it becomes a much warmer scent, almost cozy. I'm very pleased to have picked this up for a heavily discounted price, bottle is just stunning. Its a true floral oriental, what I would call early 90s floral oriental.She gets the love sticker from me nevertheless, because she is truly beautiful, but I am still quite disappointed when it comes to her longevity. What a perfect gift you were today, you will always and forever be my sparkling Valentine!