Again an option for this should be present in the "installation" or "installer menu" of your Freeview equipment. If you experience problems in adding the new Freeview channels such as ITV1 1, then try disconnecting the aerial input cable to your set top box and carry out a full 'Re-Installation', 'Auto Setup' or 'Auto Tune' depending on the terminology used on your set top box.

On some receivers you may need to return to "Default Factory Settings" to delete the current EPG channels.

I used surgical spirit from a local pharmacy and about 5 cotton buds. and it is quite simple to do, just take your time and hey presto 🙂 Besides, even if it doesn’t it’s certainly worth a try before shelling out £30 for a new board.

In fact, the service has become so popular that Freeview announced in July that more than half of all Smart HD TV sales in the UK come with Freeview Play enabled, marking a 20% rise since January 2017.

But what is Freeview Play and how does it differ from Freeview HD?

In addition viewers of the Mendip TV transmitter will need to do a full re-tune due to recent Multiplex changes. With most Freeview receivers, solving the problem of missing channels or incorrect channel numbers in the EPG means a simple re-tune.

Freeview box re-tuning is also needed to add new channels such as ITV1 1, Channel One (a re-branded version of Virgin 1), ITV2 1, Viva, Dave, Five US, More4 and ITV4.

If you are seeing an on-screen message on your Freeview receiver stating that you must retune your set top box to add new channels, or you are experiencing missing Freeview channels or have the wrong channel numbers in your set top box EPG, then this page will provide some help with the retuning process.

Further advice is given on our digital retuning page.

Specific advice can be obtained from the manufacturer of your set top box or PVR at

I have owned the Humax PVR-9200T for a good few years now and it has changed the way we watch TV as a family.

This is usually done with the up and down arrow keys on the handset.