It is also obvious that any system that unappealing to the West could never take over the world by force.

The little girl also told police that the man attacker her again, trying to cut off her hijab, even though she and her brother were walking with other pedestrians.

The Toronto district school board said it was "shocked" to hear about the assault which Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne called a "cowardly act of hatred" that did not represent the province. The attack comes as Canada approaches the first anniversary of a deadly shooting in a Quebec City mosque that killed six people at prayer.

A French-Canadian university student has been charged as the sole suspect."There was an extensive investigation Friday and over the weekend and quite simply, investigators came to the conclusion, considering all the evidence they had, that what was described did not happen," police spokesman Mark Pugash said."I think we did absolutely what people would expect, which is we don't jump to conclusions.

We work on evidence and we invested a lot of time and a lot of effort over a fairly short period of time," Pugash said.

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You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.The Historical argument will conclude part one of this article and the Prophetical will be discussed in part two.Full article Don Koenig is the founder of The Prophetic Years website.Also, if the Beast were Muslim and his God was Allah, why would he demand to be worshiped as God?Those in Islam will never accept the worship of a man claiming to be God.Relatively recently a small circle of individuals have injected into the Christian Church a paradigm shift in Antichrist thinking.