For Windows PC users it’s the first major update of Office since 2013.

It can be installed on five PCs, five tablets and five phones.

Office 365 Personal is limited to one PC, one tablet and one phone, costing £59.99 per year or £5.99 per month.

Does this mean that an Office 365 subscription is mandatory for Office 2016?

Or is this just about the Preview itself only which you need to upgrade or uninstall when it expires? The trial of Office 2016 Preview expires in 179 days according to notifications displayed in the apps when you run them.

System Requirements Microsoft does not reveal system requirements for Office 2016 Preview on the download site.

The company refers users to the general system requirements page for Office which lists different requirements based on Office products that you may use.

There you need to click on the "enter a product key instead" link to provide the key above and activate the preview this way.: Office 2016 Preview will replace existing versions of (desktop) Office on the system.

Microsoft notes that you will be able to go back to those versions if you remove the Office 2016 Preview again from the PC.

A wording on the Office 2016 Preview page indicates that preview users need to purchase an Office 365 subscription once the trial period expires to continue using Office 2016.