VCs and angels sat at tables, and startups signed up ahead of time for a five-minute sit-down with these investors, who are always looking for good companies and deal flow.

When the buzzer sounded, the startups moved on to their next meeting or networked with each other.

VOOM Carpool discovers trips planned by friends, notifies other friends and facilitates the carpool creation process.

Both Android and Apple apps are being planned for September 2015.

Hatchery founder Yao Huang weighed in on the day, saying that she thought it had gone well.

The purpose of Hatch Match, she said, is “to give the larger masses of entrepreneurs an even playing level to access investors. It gives founders a taste of what to expect with investors and also to access those who may not be easily reached.” The Hatchery also wants to “train startup founders to be concise in describing the real value of their companies with the shorter meetings,” she added.

The company came to Hatch Match NJ looking for a seed round.

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