free love and the Pill had just come in, so it was a completely different scene.The other aspect, of course, is that we, though not quite Jimmy, we were of the age of the girls, we were all young.

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“The thing is we knew Jimmy and we worked with him, he was a DJ, an MC on some of the shows.

We were working in Yorkshire and we were still living in Liverpool.

He was also such a sweet, lovely man – a really sweet guy.

”And would his songwriting partner have liked this album of standards and accompanying TV show? He was brought up on them, too, and certainly we used to talk about them.

So if you're now talking about a 17-, 18-year-old boy with a 15 year-old girl, we all knew that was illegal. But the closer we were in age, of course, the less it seemed to matter. We couldn't always be sure but there was a definite no-no involved in under-age kids. There were plenty of over-16-year-olds.”We talk about days that predate Beatlemania, the very early days of him and John Lennon.

We knew with under-16s it was illegal, so we didn't do it.”“What clean-living, law-abiding Beatles you were,” I say. Mc Cartney tells a wonderful story, not in any of the many books about the group, of how, as a teenager, Lennon wouldn't wear his glasses if there was a risk that he might pass a pretty girl.

Hundreds have been cited at various times by various people.

They include statements allegedly heard when a song is played backwards, symbolism found in obscure lyrics, and ambiguous imagery on album covers.

Literally, because when we meet this week he has just flown back from playing a private gig in Las Vegas.

Metaphorically, because I put it to him that he should be rubbing his eyes over the fact that he still has a hectic touring schedule, is on TV tonight showcasing his latest album, has gigs and an album planned for next year and will be headlining a benefit gig for Hurricane Sandy shortly. The Beatles were on record as saying we didn't think it would last 10 years.

But the acerbic John is the one we know and love, you know, because he was clever with it, so it was very attractive.