However, after putting the colors into action, I noticed that this might not be such a good choice.

With the lack of contrast, it will not be easy for us to visualize the nodes and their relationships.

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In this assignment, my objective is to leverage the use of network analysis and visualization techniques to characterize the social structure of the Robin-hood syndicate, and how its leader (nicknamed “Shadow”) - organizes the group.

This social structure will be derived through the provided “mobile phone call records” between 01-Jun-2006 and 10-Jun-2006 (10 days inclusive).

Network analysis is an organizational x-ray that brings to light the shadow organization of information network that dictates how work really gets done.

The late JAIST Professor Kozo Sugiyama dedicated his life to layered graph drawing.

We also observe that on Day 7, a group of conversation took place entirely out of the main group.

While this phenomenon was present in Day 1, the isolate groups were in very small numbers.From the networked analysis, we hope to draw insights relating to 1) the social connections between members of the syndicate, 2) how they are organized, and 3) places they frequent.This insight will allow law enforcers to identify high-risk zones, where the probability of crimes happening is high. Communication patterns can also be correlated with crime statistics to also allow law enforcers to better predict when a crime will be made and successfully intercept and arrest the adversaries; catching them red-handed.While setting up this data is primary, it is not good enough to help us visualize.With the possibility of having many calls between the same two person in the same day, there must be a way that we can generate this data. Next, we also want to understand how many others nodes are connected to each node, how many are inbound and how many are outbound.Professor Sugiyama asserts that nodes connected to each other should be close to each other, while node that are not connected to each other should have some sort of spacing.