By default these files are encoded at 64k mono, but we recommend podcasts with heavy use of music upgrade to 128k stereo.

Automatic ID3 Tagging: Buzzsprout will retain all meta-data and ID3 that has been included in the originial file.

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So we don’t charge for storage, downloads, premium features, or bandwidth.* There are four tiers: *Buzzsprout does have pro plans for podcasts that have over 250GB of outbound bandwidth per month.

This typically covers 20k-40k epiosde plays per month.

This stat will predict how many actual people will listen to your podcast within the first 90 days after it being released. You can host as many shows on Buzzsprout as you’d like, and you can quickly switch between them inside of Buzzsprout.

Each podcast has it’s own plan so one could be on the $12 plan while another was on the free plan.

For podcasters on Word Press we provide a Word Press plugin as well as fully customizable embed players.

All of our plans allow you to upload as many episodes as you’d like each month.

If you go over your allotted time then you can be charged overage for that month (between -/hr).

Our normal plans include up to 250GB of outbound bandwidth per month.

Conversion: Buzzsprout will automatically optimize the file for delivery.

This means you can upload an uncompressed WAV file and Buzzsprout will automatically convert it into a MP3 file for you.

Yes, we automatically provide customizable public pages for each show.