We just moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas from the St. I thought we'd never get to see you in concert here, but last week I heard the announcement you'll be coming to Rogers. We can't wait to see you guys in our new home state! But my friend has your CD introduced me to more your music. I want to play something from the guy she loved hearing we enjoyed. Hi kevina040 - you should contact the vendor that you made your purchase from. Im in Boring, Oregon but I need to move back to Colorado some how to get back to my pain specialist and dryer climate. I'm wondering why 55 didn't come with my i Tunes package though..someone else indicated you get "One Way to Rock" twice...weird. It is such a great song to finish off on, but the acoustic version just doesn't work for me. Sammy and Mickey are the VH music and sound Eddie and Alex need to hang it up .

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Recorded live on tour in 2014, this release documents the blistering performance of a band on fire performing hits from Sammy's 4 decades of rock (Montrose, Solo, Van Hagar, Wabos) as well as classic tracks from the Led Zeppelin catalog.

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Watch Sammy Hagar and the Circle Tear Through "When It's Love" featured on Rolling Stone!

Listen to Poundcake on Sammy's Soundcloud below, or listen on You Tube if that's more your style! I closed my eyes when the levee breaks was being played and I was back at a 1976 zep concert.

If you purchased from store.then that would be Epic Rights - rcocks - if you made your purchase there as well, please use the same contact form! Since she died we were roommates, best friends and I have a horse grandson to the horse she owned. I hope to be gone in a week I am praying I will be. It's a big disappointment to have it on here and not the original, especially when this band plays the VH SO well! The kid can just blend in with another group he will never stand on his own.

if anyone has troubles getting a quick response, please contact us at [email protected] we will do our best to make it happen quickly! It was always you and the band Def Leppard when he had long trips to drive to get horse hay. Sammy sounds great , Vic captures the same guitar sounds as the original songs , Mike sounds great both vocally and on bass , and Jason s timing is spot on ... Haven t blasted the volume in awhile in my car , but everyone on the block is going to know this cd by the end of summer. love me some other half and whoever is jamming with you.. The "Light Roast" CD had promise, and the song selection was nice, but ultimately it would have been better as an "unplugged" album, and not just an "acoustic duo" album.

All i Tunes preorders included an instant download of "Poundcake".

The full album was released on May 19th, 2015 and is now available in both digital and physical packages and your favorite local music retailer!

Dang it I've seen everyone but Hagar is not just the coolest mo fo in rock he is the best performer and the circle sound is incredible. It's in largely due to your music on how it's inspired, motivated and driven my life to never quit.