These globe-girding enterprises included the founding and operation of a co-ed college in the field of the liberal arts and humanities. Ambassador has dared to recapture the TRUE VALUES; to restore the most necessary MISSING DIMENSION in knowledge; to become a cultural character-building institution, concerned with moral, spiritual and ethical values as well as with the intellect.I'm sure anyone experienced in the administration of a private-owned college would say: "No one could start to build such a college without money, endowment, government aid, or grant from any foundation, making no appeal to the public for financial support, and build such a college, of outstanding quality and beauty with the most modern facilities, and in so doing gain an enviable financial status recognized by major banks in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, London and Geneva. It started without money -- with four students and eight members of faculty and administration.

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This entire Work has belied all traditional experience. Yet, I hasten to add, these have not been ways of my devising! And since this is the life story of a man, what led a man who had been unusually successful in the world of mammon, with his energy and drive solely directed toward self-gain and status in the business world, to come to reverse his entire life goal and become dedicated to the things of God?

Why would a man turn his back on material rewards, and devote his life to GIVING instead of getting?

In the autumn of 1926, my wife said she had discovered, in the Bible, a God-ordained WAY OF LIFE -- a way contrary to accepted Christianity. I was challenged into the most intensive study of my life.

I had been born and reared of upstanding and stable parents of a traditional orthodox Christian denomination.

By all the criteria of organizational and institutional experience, it simply could never have happened.

Every phase of this globe-girdling Work has been something altogether UNIQUE -- a first -- the blazing of a new trail.

I was greatly concerned over learning that most people are not happy -- the world is full of evils. My surveys revealed the worsening conditions, but not the cause.

Nor could it be found in science, nor in education, nor in government, nor in religion.

The World Tomorrow program, viewed and heard by millions worldwide on both television and radio, is entirely UNIQUE in broadcasting.