He kissed my neck, softly nibbling on it, knowing that was my spot might be.

Mister Andrew grunted and moaned, feeling my juices soak his soak his cock and loving the feel of shooting his sperm deep inside of me.

Pulling out, Mister Andrew smiled at Mister Alex and me, knowing that this was the best sex of his life and knowing that it had to be done again. I knelt in front of him, unzipped his pants, and brought his hard cock out (I bet it was hard, after that show! I smiled up at him, as if to say I liked what I saw.

When I entered his office it seemed to me that he had been waiting for only me, I came in and started repeating my request again.

Then, may be too soon for the teacher, he agreed suddenly to me: “we shall see”.

My teacher’s friend let out a moan as my tongue massaged the head and base of his cock.

He could feel it sliding into the back of my throat with ease.

As the evening promised to be hot I dressed some summer top and short skirt.

I have to also add that my body has always turned guys on, long roundish legs, tight round ass and a slender waist.

I took hold of Mister Alex’s hard cock and licked the pre-cum off of the tip of it.

Slowly I let my mouth encircle the head of his cock with my tongue, wanting it to be all the way down my throat.

Mister Andrew didn’t miss his chance, he took this opportunity to make his game go on, and his palm reached my kitty and groped my pussy. I let out a moan and his grip on my nipples tightened.