Spanking your five-year-old for accidentally breaking a glass, for example, would be too extreme a punishment.

Sometimes, parents who employ tough love forget the "love" part.

Setting excessively difficult goals for your children, punishing them when they don't attain these impossible goals, withholding "I love you" and other emotional proclamations and withholding rewards for good behavior are all examples of detrimental parenting.

The men, who included a spiky haired dude with a Chinese character neck tattoo, in turn would discuss their impressions of the contestants on video. Besides the beads, some French Quarter b-roll and Ward saying things like "New Orleans is a city that's all about having a good time," there wasn’t too much New Orleansy stuff, but a preview for the upcoming episodes shows the requisite Bourbon Street disasters.

Of course some of the gals got too wine drunk, and one outed the contestant who's 25-year-old virgin to everyone in earshot. The contestant on the "hot seat" this episode was a compulsive liar who was the one who outed the virgin at the boat party.

has an objective: dating guru Steve Ward, along with his mother Jo Anne, aims to reform a group of women representing a variety of dating dysfunctions in a “relationship boot camp.” The show, like other dating-themed reality programs, hinges on the idea that women are more often the ones who need to change parts of themselves to be worthy of love (although VH1 also airs , both about comically flawed men, so perhaps that evens things out).

The show’s contestants all represent the most repugnant stereotypes of women: there’s the gold digger, the overly made-up plastic surgery fanatic, the slutty one, the one who wants a baby bad, the bitch and the prude.

If your child is struggling academically or socially, you might need to adapt your parenting style to a tough love approach.

Though it might appear cold on the outside, constructive tough love is actually about listening, understanding your child's strengths and weaknesses, respecting your child and modeling positive behavior.

But a new study of 9,000 households found that children whose parents favoured this laissez-faire style of parenting were less likely to develop vital life skills – such as empathy, self-control and application – by the age of five than those whose parents took a traditional "tough love" approach.

While the "tough love" approach to parenting – defined as combining warmth with firm rules and clear boundaries – was thought to have gone out of fashion in the 1950s, researchers found that children with this upbringing were a third more likely to have well-developed "soft" skills than those with more relaxed parents.

If your toddler is acting out, she's not trying to control you -- she's trying to communicate something.