It is important that one of these formats is supplied to j Player so that popular browsers will be able to play your media.

updating playstation 3 internet browser-30

Sony has improved the display speed of the Play Station 3 web browser with a new system update.

Firmware v4.10, which is now available to download, optimises the display of web content and increases the accuracy when viewing page layouts.

However, we request that you don't link to the files on, since we do not have sufficient resources to become a CDN just now.

Additionally, the Flash fallback on the remote server would require the use of absolute URLs for all URLs.

Attempting to run j Player locally on your computer will generate Flash security violations and you would need to enable the local file access using the Flash Settings Manager. To develop locally, install a server on your system, such as Apache, to enable a localhost on your computer.

The media supplied must conform with the codecs supported by HTML5 browsers.

So if you have kids at home you might want to prevent them from accessing any forbidden website that you might have already blocked on other devices at home.

To enable the web browser lock on your PS3, head to option and set-up any four digit passcode of your choice to block the browser. Make sure to take full advantage of these simple, but very useful tips to highly improve your browsing on your PS3.

And finally, 4.10 adds the option of automatically setting the time more accurately via the internet every time your PS3 connects to PSN.