The harmonic analysis in full compliance with the EN61000-3-2/-12 standard is already available in the basic unit.

The fl icker meter in compliance with EN61000-4-15 for the measurement of fl icker ( voltage variations) and with EN61000-3-3/-11 is available as an option.

Vanaf dat je level 5 bent, moet je je bij een Team voegen.

Requirements: - LMG95 with shunt LMG-SHxxx(-P) or - LMG500 with option L50-O9 (optional with shunt)Operating system Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 3.095 is only possible upon request!

(Due to difference in CPU) Firmware LMG95: Beginning with version 3there are some incompatibilities in interface programming related to earlier versions!

These two functions also considerably extend the possible applications of the LMG95 in R&D laboratories.

If suitable stable voltage sources are available, tests for CE compliance can be performed in accordance with EN61000-3-2/-3/-11/-12.

Pokmon Go Gyms nemen een centrale plaats in de game in.

Hier gebeuren de spannendste Pokmon Battles en Pokmon Go Raids.Data transfer and visualization software Basic Version included Display, Plot, Table Function and HARM99 Harmonic analyzing (only for devices with activated option LMG95-O10, L45-O8, L50-O8 HARM99) The software is useful for LMG95/450/500 OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7The basic version is free and on Support CD-ROM, enclosed with LMG95 Support CD-ROM.Waveform Analysis Module for LMG Control Additional modul for LMG-CONTROL-BASIC.Pokmon Go Gyms hebben onlangs een aanzienlijke update gekregen.Op deze pagina geven we een handig overzicht over hoe de nieuwe Gym Battles of gevechten werken, wat Motivation precies inhoudt en hoe je de Defender Bonus en Gym Rewards krijgt.Recording and analysing of sample values of the LMG.