Mc Caffery explains that he, Arthur and Arthur’s mother were all exiled from Atlantis, and that A. The next morning, Mc Caffery explains that there will be more creatures that will come looking for A. and that he should have started his training years prior. Mc Caffery informs Arthur who would rather just skip to the ending that “It isn’t about the ending, it’s about the journey.” The show had a lot of potential, and unfortunately, it was not given the chance. His character was rebellious and cocky, but very likable.

Arthur convinces Eva to leave Tempest Key for a few days, but it comes too late as Nadia injures Eva and captures Arthur. Breaking free using a flask of water to enhance his strength, A. destroys Nadia by putting a spear through her head. agrees to start his training, and Mc Caffery leaves him with Henry IV Part 1 and Part 2 to read.

*This is the restaurant of James Beard Award Winner, Justin Devillier, who won Best Chef: South 2016. Lke offers an extensive French, German, and Belgian beer selection, including three exclusive house brews [custom-made in Louisiana].

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CAST Justin Hartley (Smallville) Lou Diamond Phillips (Stargate Universe) Denise Quinones (Elite) Rick Peters (Veronica Mars) Ving Rhames (Mission Impossible) Adrianne Palicki (Legion) Amber Mac Donald (Without A Paddle 2) Kenny Johsnon (Bates Motel) Daniella Deutscher (Hang Time) Annette O’Toole (Superman III) A. and his mother Atlanna are flying over the Bermuda Triangle. His father bails him out of trouble, but gives him a stern lecture on responsibility. While he’s working, he is approached by a lighthouse keeper who identifies himself as Mc Caffery. Brigman is looking for a connection between the disappearances of thousands of individuals, and their reappearance years later without ever aging a day.

As they get closer, Atlanna’s necklace begins to glow and a surge of light and energy erupts from the ocean, causing cyclones which bring their plane down. The Coast Guard picks up an unidentified man, floating in the Bermuda Triangle and pleading to warn Orin.

New Orleans Magazine 1995 Favorite Overall Restaurant. *Commander's Palace has won multiple James Beard Foundation Awards, including: Outstanding Service (1993), Outstanding Restaurant (1996), and Best Chef: South for Chef Tory Mc Phail (2013).

Galatoire's Restaurant 209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70112 [Map It](504) 525-2021 French Quarter Attire: Dressy (Jacket May Be Required)Price Range: $$$$Open For: Lunch, Dinner (Call ahead for hours)Cuisine Type/s: Cajun, Continental, Gluten-Free Description: Located in the historic French Quarter, Galatoire's has the reputation of being the best of the old line establishments of New Orleans.

*Galatoire's is the James Beard Award-winning restaurant for Outstanding Restuarant (2005). Louis St., New Orleans, LA 70130 [Map It](504) 581-4422 French Quarter Attire: Dressy (Jacket May Be Required)Price Range: $$Open For: Dinner, Sunday Brunch (Call ahead for hours)Cuisine Type/s: French, Creole Description: Since 1840, world-renowned Antoine's Restaurant has set the standard that made New Orleans one of the greatest dining centers of the world. Arnaud's Restaurant 813 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA 70112 [Map It](504) 523-5433 French Quarter Attire: Dressy (Jacket May Be Required)Price Range: $$$Open For: Dinner, Sunday Brunch (Call ahead for hours)Cuisine Type/s: French, Creole, Gluten-Free Description: Leader of the culinary old guard since 1918. *Arnaud's French 75 Bar won James Beard Award for Outstanding Bar Program (2017).

Dinner & Dixieland at world-famous Arnaud's with legendary Creole cuisine and music in the Jazz Room every night from . Dooky Chase's Restaurant 2301 Orleans Ave., New Orleans, LA 70119 [Map It](504) 821-0535Neighborhood: Treme Attire: Business Casual Cuisine Type/s: Soul Food, Creole Description: Led by world famous chef, Leah Chase this family restaurant serves up an incredible array of creole and soul food in a restaurant atmosphere full of local art.

Atlanna is kidnapped by a siren, but not before giving A.

is charged for releasing dolphins from a marine park. tells his friend Eva that he felt like the dolphins were calling to him. Brigman transports the John Doe to another facility, and persuades Torres to join his team.

finds that Nadia has also captured Mc Caffery and she is bringing them both back to Atlantis to be executed.